The REAL art of Procrastination

By Messi
2024 years ago

So it was pointed out to me, by the amazing(ly annoying) man in my life, that my last post just got even funnier as it was posted a year ago now and was about me procrastinating on doing any more designs. Well I'm here to say that I've managed to one up my procrastination abilities to the point of old gods level. Yeah, I'm talking that 20 year long issue of the gods not getting around to actually stopping the Trojan war.

So reasons reasons. I know I put my giant bag of reasons somewhere... give me a moment


In less than 48 hours I will be at my new place of living and place of work.

I'm starting work at Tenikwa Wildlife Centre as a veterinary nurse. Please note that my reaction to being offered this job can be seen below.

 My reaction to being offered the position for my new job

This seems like less time to draw... but I think it means more inspiration. I'm doing more pen sketches but I should have a functioning ipad by tomorrow and I must say that the call of the fandoms sings in my blood, demanding tribute in the form of chibis doing stupid things and designs for shirts that don't look... shifty (or a word that rhymes).

Ugh I'm going off topic. I'm going to take a bit of time to settle in. Not that anyone cares or actually reads this besides Tristan (maybe, you probably just page over but if not then HI) and possibly Dylan (if you read this then I'm sorry I've been wasting your amazing website talents and not utilising this page better -or at all). GET BACK ON TOPIC YOU RAMBLING PIECE OF OTAKU!! sorry. Anyway so after I settle in or even to help me settle in, I'm going to be doing sketches everyday on paper and I should transfer them and have some digital fun with them and post once a week.

 Don't hold it against me if I don't. I've already proved that I am the Mistress of Procrastination. 

The art of Procrastination

By Messi
6 years ago

I know many people who claim to have perfected the art of procrastination, but to be honest they only put things of for a week or even a month at most. Anyway, what I guess I am trying to say is that this post is late. So late that it is like what Plan B would be like in that South Park episode where Mrs Cartman wants to terminate her pregnancy in the 40th trimester.

In my defense... I'm incredibly lazy. Okay, so I might also have been studying whilst working two jobs and I may or may not have been robbed and had my iPad, phone, textbooks, faith in humanity and hard-drive stolen after trying to help someone. Also, I've been replaying Oblivion.

Sadly, I'm not kidding about the being robbed part... the iPad that was taken had all of my unfinished designs on it because I'm an idiot and I only drew on an app on the iPad which couldn't back up work-in-progress designs! Long story short, those unfinished designs were stolen as well... including that winter Wyvern that I had been working on for a year *ugly cry*.

So no new designs for now.

But I will be trying to do body pillows for UCON. Fingers crossed!


The Aftermath of Fancon

By Messi
6 years ago

So the amazing event of FANCON has come and gone and Messi Merchandise also celebrated its first birthday. I used the occasion to go crazy on the Studio Ghibli themed designs which definitely peeked the public's interest. I really enjoyed the two day event and I saw some absolutely amazing cosplays. I was a slight bit frazzled on the Saturday but my three boys worked their (very fine) arses off helping me at my stand and I am rather grateful to them for all of their slave work (and eye candy).

For those of you who may not have attended due to being otherwise detained, unknowing of the event itself or just to darn lazy; FanCon was Cape Town's first official Comic Con that was hosted on FreeComicBookDay. The first day was absolutely jam packed, I don't think that anyone expected such a large turn out. The cosplays and fandoms came in all shapes and sizes from Lolita Mario girls to Star Wars shipments. And the vendors... ja, I really didn't want to spend my money... and then I dropped over a grand there. I bought this beautiful kimono from the Hanabi Shop, an amazing bag from the Modern Dragon and I updated my slowly growing comic book collection from Kay Carmichael Art and Mister Cat Illustrations. If you want to see more of what was at FanCon the check out this video:

FanCon 2016 CPT

So what is next for Messi Merchandise? Currently I am awaiting confirmation for EGE and I am looking to applying for RAGE in Jozi. I'm sorting out glass etched coasters with simplistic gaming designs so fingers crossed for that to be done in time for EGE. 

Anyway, if you were at Fancon and bought something of mine then I would love it if you could send me a picture of you using it or the item sitting somewhere in its new home. You can send it to or tag me on facebook or even instagram.

See you next time. :D

--- Messi

FANCON FANCON lets get ready for Fancon.

By Messi
6 years ago

One year ago, I attended my first event as a vendor/artist/exhibitor. It was FreeComicBookDay 2015 hosted by Readers Den in Stadium on Main in Cape Town. This year, just next month, I will be at the new version of that event which has been renamed FANCON. So I find it quite adequate that I do my first blogpost about an event where Messi started as well as where I will be celebrating my first year as Messi Merchandise.

I'm really excited for this event. They want to make it the first official ComicCon of Cape Town and 2 of my Favorite comic writers have said that they will be selling the next chapters in the series that they each write!!! 

Soooooo. At Fancon I will be selling shirts, mugs, bags, posters, coasters, badges and possible hoodies as well. It's going to be a two day event held at the Lookout by the Waterfron from the 7th to the 8th of May.  

Take a look at the website for the event:

I will see you all there in just over a month. 

Bye for now